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In 1969 California Graduate School of Theology opened its academic door to provide the highest level quality of theological education possible. It marked a new era for Christian Education as Cal Grad focused on being an interdenominational graduate school with affordable tuition rates, top level scholars at the lecture podium, and a schedule that was designed to meet the demands of the working pastor or student interested in advancing in their Christian education. Today these ideas are common-place but it was Cal Grad that first blazed the trail for such a program of study!

Over 6,000 students have taken pride in being students of California Graduate School of Theology. During its 47 year history the names associated with Cal Grad have included such renowned Christian leaders as: D. James Kennedy, Charles Stanley, John MacArthur, Jerry Falwell, David Hocking, I.D.E. Thomas, and Jack Hayford. What is perhaps most noteworthy is that since its inception Cal Grad chose to operate independently of any federal accrediting agencies while meeting or exceeding the standards that such agencies are designed to uphold. The quality of education is understood in the integrity of the classroom instruction, the academic credentials of the professors and administrators, and the ministry accomplishments of the graduates!

As a degree-granting institution in full compliance with the California State Department of Consumer Affairs and the Bureau For Private Postsecondary Education, Cal Grad has submitted to providing the state with financial, academic, and vocational records of the school and its professors/administrators for forty five years. Every degree that has been given by California Graduate School of Theology since 1969 has been in full compliance with state governed education and business standards: B.A., religion; M.A. religion/theology; M.Div.; D.Min; and an approved ESL program. Several state senators, including Dick Ackerman, have commended the school or its administration for its work in education in the State of California.

But what about federal accrediting agencies? The history behind “accreditation” is a history involving government loans and grants and a federally governed system to make sure that government money goes to schools that demonstrate a record of legitimate operation. Certain standards are expected and the agencies oversee that these standards are met in order for students to apply for federal loans and grants. As stated earlier, when Cal Grad was founded its leaders made a purposeful decision to work within the regulations of the state law while at the same time choosing not to participate in federal government programs for loans and grants. Our state compliance and certificates of recognition have consistently proven that Cal Grad has held to a standard that provides quality education to its students – as evidenced by our alumni and distinguished honorary graduates.

Students of California Graduate School of Theology continue to receive a top quality education at an affordable tuition rate designed to work around a busy schedule! Our record speaks for itself and our alumni are the best evidence of how Cal Grad has met a need in theological education and reaches higher each year. It is worth noting that many of our students have had a warm reception of their academic work in accredited colleges, seminaries, and universities. For more information about our programs of study please review our website or email us for more information:

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833
Phone: (888) 370-7589
Fax: (916) 263-1897

If you have any questions, contact or visit the Office Administration at CAL GRAD

California Graduate School of Theology
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